Thursday, September 17, 2020

Nz Equalizers

Today for "Power To The People" we have finally created our team name, Here's our logo. 
The reason why we thought that this name would be great is because its unique and it will be different to all of the other peoples work. 
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Sports experience.

Before Lock down had started.
Hello everyone, today I'm going to be talking about my experience for year 9-13 sports this year. The sport that I've been playing is "football". Football is a common sport for me because I've been playing it my whole life. This year was my second year playing in the year 9-13 football team, In term 1 I was doing indoor football until the end of term 2, sadly around term 2 we had to stop playing indoor football because of Covid 19. The thing that bothered me the most was that we weren't able to play indoor football until term 2 was finish. 

After lock down was finally finished
After lock down was finally finished we started playing outdoor football. Outdoor football was a competitive competition. We lost a 3 to 4 games but we ending up making it to the top 3. September 17th was our final games against Cashmare which was a pretty hard team to vs, We were also in the senior division so it was a lot harder for the some of the players like me, The game score at the end was 3-0 to us. 

Now next term I'll be doing indoor football competition, This one is a lot easier because its a smaller court and there's no outs/off sides, I hope this year we place 1st because last year we placed 2nd.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020



Definition: Stored in an object, the ability to move something.

Different Kinds Of Energy. 

Light Energy - The energy of the electromagnetic waves. Found in Microwaves x rays, and visible light.

Heat Energy - Cause by the movement of particles. Found in all hot objects.

Sound Energy - Energy produced by vibrating objects. Examples are speech, ultrasound and music.

Chemicals Potential Energy - Energy stored in the bonds between particles. Found in substances like petrol and food.

Electrical Energy - The movement of electrically charge particles. Found in wires, generators and lighting.

Gravitational Potential Energy - Energy stored in objects due to their eight above the ground.

Kinetic Energy - Energy due to the motion of an objects, Eg. Moving cars, running, swimming.

Elastic Potential Energy - Energy stored in stretched or squashed objects, Examples are spring and rubber bands.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Science Introduction

 The topic we will be studying in science are:

1. Energy Types

2. Energy Transformation.

3. Waves.

4. Sound.

5. Light.

6. The Eye.

7. Reflection and Refraction of light.

8. Electricity.

9. Circuits.

10. Magnetism.

All experiments will use the scientific method. The headings that are used for this will be: 







Friday, August 28, 2020

Art reflection.

 Art Reflection 

For art we have been doing our photo montage work since the start of art/photography,  we have been working on heaps of different pictures and we even go to choose what we like. We had to make 8 google drawings and put heaps of pictures that we like or what we are into. One of my main ones that I like is dragon ball z and putting different parts onto another, here's one that I just finished doing.


The reason why I choose these characters was because they have so many detail about the body and adding the most powerful character to make 1 is pretty epic, I love the detail from all of these characters, one of my favourite has to be Goku Ultra Instinct.

It took awhile for me to do because there was so many options that I can of choosed, I chose goku’s super ultra instinct head because he’s my favourite character and like Jirens arms because they suit the photo montage as well, Vegeta’s arms and Freiza’s legs, this pictures so all of their strongest forms that has ever been made in the dragon ball z universe. 

All of the 8 pages that we needed to complete took around 3 weeks because we had 2 listens in 1 week and yeah, dragon ball z is one of the main ones for myself because it shows what I’m really into. I would of done another one but didn't have time to do another one.

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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Slam Dunk

Kia ora everyone, today I will be talking about "What it was like in the middle ages. There was dirty rats poo, Rich castles, Rubbish poor, Peasant farms, It is one of the reasons why the black death spread through europe. The majority of people living during the middle ages lived in the country and worked as farmers. Usually there was a local lord who lived in a large house called a manor or a castle. Local peasants would work the land for the lord. there were Asia,Nobles,Schools,Monks,Houses,Crammed,Walls,Servents,Water, Sperading,Market,Disease,Lord,Hovel,Jews. In the middle ages it was unclean, They travelled and traded over very long distance, People had to vote because that really wasn’t a medieval thing but a vote in local politics. In France, in the 12th and 13th centuries and beyond, many towns and villages were run at a local level as a commune, and there were often annual election, or consuls and ‘councillors, where most of the male inhabitants could vote. I hope you enjoyed my blog please leave a positive, helpful and a thoughtful comment down below!

Friday, July 31, 2020


Kia ora today we are just finish our photo montage work we only just started doing art for this term and here's a quick photo of what we had to do for art.
 We had to make something random from some pieces of paper, I just wanted it to be random because I didn't really wanna make it really weird. I hope you enjoyed my small blog.
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